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Ever wondered “what can I do about the climate crisis?” We have developed a website to allow you to filter through a multitude of tried-and-tested campaigns from around the world, so you can find a campaign suited to you!

You can filter through campaigns from around the world - by searching the time they take, difficulty, cost, and by category. Each campaign contains step-by-step guides, offer guidance, tips from activists, and links to any documents you may need. We want to see campaigns shared and support given, to enable a stronger, coordinated, supported and more global activist network!

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Meet the team:

Saskia Founder

Hi, I'm Saskia. After working with sustainable activism at University, I dreamt about making a website. I wanted to support activists, promote global connections, and to share all the amazing solutions that are out there! A year later, I'm ecstatic to say that it exists! I hope we can continue to build this platform and support the amazing people who are doing their part (whether it's small or big) to move towards a better future.

Jax Intersectionality, Strategy and Blog

Hello! My name is Jacqueline and I’m from Denmark. I’m very interested in people, culture & diversity. My interest in climate change is rooted in a feeling of necessity in trying to do my part for making the earth a liveable, sustainable and better place for us all to be. I’m very excited to be apart of #Whatcanidoaboutit and to see how far this project will grow.

Daiki Outreach, Marketing and Research

I’m Daiki from Japan! I joined “whatcanidoaboutit” when I was in Denmark, so it’s been almost a year! I have a huge passion for changing school education. I strongly believe in the potential of children and school education. So now I study about primary education in my university. I didn't have that much curiosity about climate change before I joined this team. However, Saskia showed her passion to fight climate change and her website group (whatcanidoaboutit) in front of all of the students. I was convinced that I needed to work on this, also I feel it’s really honour that if I can contribute to our life and future.

Keeble The clever one

Whether he likes it or not, Keeble is very clever at computers and is the reason the website exists! Thank you Keeble <3