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A green transport campaign to gather with various interested groups within our area (such as universities, green transport groups and trade unions) to create an open letter for our local council to implement decarbonised buses into our city. We initially conversed with many interested groups and gained support but after a strategy meeting with our MP, we decided to capitalise on the upcoming local elections as councillors were more likely to sign our open letter in light of this, especially if they held a swing seat. We gained many signatures and using this our MP went to a major bus company in the city who promised to phase out diesel buses by 2022.  +
At UK universities, students and staff are campaigning to end recruitment relationships between the universities and oil, gas and mining industries.  +
Contact your local government officials  +
Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) means integrating all 17 of the [ UN sustainable goals]. This page covers getting ESD into university teaching curriculum content. For establishing ESD into department practice (Hiring practices, teaching methods, etc) see the page on ESD in Department Practices.  +
Encourage installment of solar energy at your local public facilites or personal homes.  +
Evening walk litter picking in the city ending with food or drinks at a venue or similar!  +
Examine the overview of the university Carbon Neutral Goals and advice on how to reach carbon neutrality  +
Find out if your bank is ethical, and if not switch to an ethical bank, to ensure your money is not being invested in projects which harm people or the environment.  +
GreenerAcademia is a group of six PhD students and young scientists that call for more sustainability and diversity for scientific conferences. Our petition demands a virtual participation option at reduced registration fees in order to achieve this goal. We address several scientific organizations and the scientific community to get attention for this topic and make a change.  +
Organise a meeting / meetings with members from other groups with similar environment based goals.  +
Organize a climate march in your city  +
Register by 31st January! Get support to collaborate with ministries in your country to embed climate education in higher education curricula: join the Youth and Education project, a collaboration of UNEP, UNESCO and Students Organizing for Sustainability (SOS) International. We specifically look for students involved in local or national student organizations or individual students willing to step up their climate action.  +
Start a second hand store at your university. Raise money for climate activities, campaigns or donation, whilst minimizing the consumption of new clothes.  +
The Climate Clock movement was originally envisioned as a striking visual reminder of the ever-shrinking window we have to prevent the worst effects of climate change from becoming irreversible. The end goal is to create a globally synchronised timeline  +
The University tasked us with creating a "Sustainable Procurement Policy" which provided the groundwork for certification standards that the Universities Students' Union must follow when buying items for resell in university outlets. This policy was passed at SU council and in process of being embedded into the Students' Union.  +
This protest focused on encouraging divestment of Sheffield Universityies Students union from supporting fossil fuel supporting banks (in this case Santander). It was a student-led campaign that focused on a small scale "die-in" to draw as much attention to this issues as possible and attract support from the student population.  +
Vupen was created to fill the need for a mainstream sustainable & ethical clothing brand. Learn how to build a clothing brand entirely built from sustainable and ethical principles.  +