Organise Meeting With Similar Climate Groups

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Organise Meeting With Similar Climate Groups
Timescale 2-3 weeks
Applicable to University Student, Educator/ Employed by a Education Facility, Manager/ Supervisor, Buisness
Impact Local
Price free


Organise a meeting / meetings with members from other groups with similar environment based goals.


Enables you to identify ways to collaborate with, pool resources and support each other based upon the common aims of different groups.


- Decide on aims of meeting - Identify target groups - choose format of meeting IE, online, in person. Dependent on circumstances. - snowballing recruitment? - choose date of first meeting. - create invites / advertising - Ask people to register interest / RSVP - Run meeting - ask for feedback from attendees - decide whether meeting will be recurrent event.

Full description

Much of this campaign idea is dependent on your circumstances. As always, it is what you make it. It is up to you to decide which steps are appropriate for you.

Identify target groups. This will depend if you are university-based, where you would have easier access to a range of environmental groups, or otherwise. In University, you could think about collaborating with groups based at other universities.

An in person meeting could be good for engagement. However, a online meeting may be more appropriate if the groups invited are not geographically close.

Snowballing may be a good technique to use if you are trying to get as many groups in attendance as possible. Snowballing is where someone you have approached, invites or recommends groups they have access to. It is a good way of accessing more likeminded people.

Invites or advertising should be appropriately designed based on the aims of the group sessions. For example, you may choose to make correspondence proffessional, or relaxed. Whether you make your event invite only, or advertise using posters etc will depend on your individual aims.

Feedback from attendees will help your gauge interest in future networking events. In response to this, you can decide on permanent items on the agenda, change the time and day to suit attendees, and arrange sub-group meetings based on collaborations.

This campaign is highly variable and will look different in different places and with different people. In my experience, it is a great springboard to meeting new people and achieving great things.

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