Litter Picking

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Litter Picking
Timescale 2-3 weeks
Applicable to School Student, University Student, Educator/ Employed by a Education Facility, Homeowner, Influencer, News platform/ Social media site, Researcher, CEO, Manager/ Supervisor, Politician, Buisness
Impact Local
Price 500€


Evening walk litter picking in the city ending with food or drinks at a venue or similar!


To make a fun social event based around picking trash insinuating people to join. Having a good time!


Week 1) Set a date

Decide on a route

Find equipment

Week 2) Advertising for the event

Making posters

Week 3) Do the event!

Full description

Week 1) Set a date

The date is the very first thing to set and it should be done a couple weeks in advance to make sure that possible attendees have space in their schedules. it could be a themed event around a holiday:

Decide on a route

Decide on the route (it could be ending in a bar or other location in your local community that would be fulfilling for the group that you are working with) and make some print outs of the routes so people can follow them. The route should take about 20-30mins to walk normally. This might take about an hour to clean. On a river bank or by the sea is the best location.

Find equipment

e.g. Gloves, Bags and Trash picker

Week 2) Advertising for the event to get people to join.

Making posters hand hanging them up in busy areas.

Mention it to your friends/ school/ university.

If possible do a shoutout or send a message to a larger community like your school or university, where you think some people might be interested in joining.

Week 3) Do the event

Make sure that you have all the equipment (gloves, bags, trash pickers).

A couple days before the event you could do a second shout out to remind people

Tips/ comments

Ideas for possible themes Halloween: Litter pick ghost tour ending in a local bar Spring: Litter pick-nic ending with a picnic Summer: Beach clean up ending with a beach party When finding equipment, they could be found with your school or university, they might have something laying around. It might be fun to make it into a competition, with a prize for most litter collected. the prize could be a funny trophy made of litter if you want to keep prices low.