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Contact Local Government
Timescale 1 week
Applicable to
Impact Local
Price free


Contact your local government officials


Let your local government officials know that their constituents care about the climate crisis.


Day 1) Decide the form of contact. Find contact details from an online search Research key facts to support your viewpoint Write the message, or plan your main points if calling

Day 2) Check you are happy with your text/key points Send the email/call/go to their office.

Full description

Find the phone number and/or mailing address of your local government official, representative or minister, by searching online. This should be quite easy, and there may be multiple people that you can contact.

You can call, send an email, send mail, or maybe show up to their office if its a local leader. Calling or scheduling an appointment tends to hold more weight than emailing, and at least in the US if you leave a phone message there is a staff member whose job it is to listen to every voice message through so it will be heard. However, an email is better than nothing.

There are scripts available online for what to say and those can be found with a quick google search but a personalized message is far more memorable and powerful.

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