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Climate Clock
Applicable to School Student, University Student, Researcher
Impact Local


The Climate Clock movement was originally envisioned as a striking visual reminder of the ever-shrinking window we have to prevent the worst effects of climate change from becoming irreversible. The end goal is to create a globally synchronised timeline


To create an enduring monument to act as a global rallying cry for urgent climate action.


Before establishing a timeline for the campaign, decide the scale. Visit for more information.

Longer description

Step 1: Get involved in the movement; opt-in for updates on the official website, and follow Climate Clock HQ on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Alternatively, if you want to become more directly involved, you can register as a volunteer to directly aid the movement.

Step 2: Get yourself organised - the Organizing Kit on the Climate Clock website is the best way to get started. Then, fill out the online form to alert Climate Clock HQ to your campaign.

Step 3: Get a clock, whether it's digitally using the free clock widget, or by either buying or building your own action clock. Then, become active in your community with your own campaigns - the online step-by-step Roadmap could be a good starting point.


The Climate Clock movement is a global initiative. Get involved on the Climate Clock official website.


Official website